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My first-ever blog post

So, I’ve finally been dragged beyond the world of Facebook into the blogosphere.  Just a little about me:  I am absolutely passionate about quilting, my human and furry family, and all of the great things about living in Kentucky (not necessarily in that order).  Most of what you will see here will be about quilting – design, piecing, applique, and quilting the finished top.  I have my own home-based longarm machine quilting business, Maplehurst Quilt Co., and I am also fortunate to work at Quilted Joy (, the Louisville APQS dealership owned by the fabulous quilter and teacher, Angela Huffman.  I have taught various aspects of quilting locally over the past ten years and currently teach the basics of using longarm machines to newly-minted renters.

One particular item of note is the upcoming Row by Row Experience for 2016.  I haven’t seen the final count of shops participating this year, but they represent all fifty U.S. states, all of the Canadian provinces (and two of the territories), and several countries in Europe.  Each shop has designed its own original row, 36″ wide by 9″ high, so that you may visit the shops, collect the designs, and assemble them into a quilt or quilts.  Here is a sample (look for Colleen’s 2015 Row by Row quilt):  How I wish I could visit each and every store!  To learn more about the Row by Row Experience, including locations of shops near you or close to your planned summer travels, visit their main page at and click on the Start Here! tab.  The fun begins on June 21!

My plan is to post at least once a week, most likely on Wednesdays, to let you know what has captured my attention or interest.  Talk to you soon!